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Lost Silver Page Updated


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The Lost Silver part of the forums has been updated to include the pictures along with the story, the youtube video, and download link to the game. There will be two more pages added:

Lost Silver (Hidden) and
Re: Lost Silver

There is also plans to put up the rough outlines of the notes that molded Lost Silver Hidden to what turned out to be (including beta information that wasn't in the original release) as well as the missing parts of the Lost Silver story.

I am both equally excited and too busy to finish this soon!

To the unexpected members that started to join, feel free to look around and post, I'll get to your concerns and comments.

1. @felipe_mcrmy

2013-01-28 12:19

had the author of the story send to you the final part of the story? i really wanna see the last part of lost silver.

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