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The Development is Real


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If anyone tells you that you can't develop in Ubuntu games for Game Maker, tell them they are mistaken. Cursed Black Development is alive and well (and a lot of glitch fixing, but the progress is growing) The main engine showed in the last demo is being merged with all the map data I've been coming up with for the past year. Suddenly, the overworld is becoming a lot bigger. Check out the new pallet town:


3. pumany

2014-07-06 21:38

Keep up the good work. It should get easier once you fully shift from working on the engine to adding trainers, Pokémon, Pokédex entries, etc. Maybe you should consider releasing the Game Maker source files with the demos. There are lots of people that want to help debug, but the error logs aren't that helpful without the source.


2. Reinhardt

2014-07-06 06:24

i can't wait this would be awesome keep it up waiting for the release date :)


1. MetTheRealWorld

2014-06-13 00:06

this is going to be cool when its finished

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