[Cursed Black] Finished Maps

I've finished mapping several maps already.. here are the screenshots. some of them are modified for the game, for example, Pewter City has a new cave... others MIGHT be modified (I just saw how many empty houses Saffron City has and now I want to fill them up).

Here you go... most of this has been done in the past few days... probably just last week. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Cerulean City:

Pallet Town:

Pewter City:

Route 1:

Route 2:

Route 3:

Route 4:

Route 5:

Route 6:

Route 11:

Route 24/25:

Saffron City:

Vermilion City:

Viridian City:

[Cursed Black] Map Updates 8

Finished the first half of Celadon City (Dept. Store, Game Corner, Game Freak Building) and now moving on to the Rocket Hideout!

[Cursed Black] Maps Update

Finished Routes 17, 18, 7, and I'm about halfway done with the HUGE Route 12/13.

[Cursed Black] Maps Update 2

Finished the three huge routes 12, 13, and 14. The map lineup is looking bigger and bigger... I like that :)

[Cursed Black] Maps Update 3

Finished Fuchsia City, Cinnerbar Island, Sea Route 21, and I'm starting Sea Routes 20 and 19

[Cursed Black] Maps Update 4

The progress on the maps is just impressive at this point considering how lazy I normally am.

And also the video that shows the last piece of progress that reflects the gameplay. I'm showing it here as a refresher to how close the demo acts to the original emulated version of Pokemon Red. Once the maps & programming merge together there is going to be a HUGE expansion to the current playable demo:

[Cursed Black] Maps Update 5

Added three more maps: Inner Pewter City, Inner Viridian City, and started to work on Inner Cerulean City:

Now working from a windows 8 laptop! :) mouse movements and speed improvements make everything so much easier

[Cursed Black] Maps Update 6

Finished indoor maps of Cerulean City, and started the Saffron City buildings... as big and tedious as they are, I finished three of the 6 huge rooms for the badass Sliph Co. building!

Busy As Hell

My little free time to work on this is now gone for a few months due to this new spring semester of school. Expect little to no updates.

Download Links

Due to having 150 page views in just a few hours, the download links to the main games (Lost Silver/Cursed Black) have been added. I never realized how many people frequent this domain name.

Faster Loading Times

FirestormX from 64Digits has been very kind to let me use his MySQL space to allow Tohjo Falls to run on it. No longer does this site have to run on a free MySQL server, meaning, faster loading times!

Good News Everyone! Progress 7

I FINALLY fixed the Cursed Black link to the latest demo (the one where you start from Viridian Forest and have Ghost). This will also be fixed on the youtube page. ALSO, so much progress done it's not even funny: Only the areas marked with "[!]" need finishing. Everything else is done... which means I'm four areas away from releasing a playable demo with access to the whole overworld (except the extra areas I plan to add). There will FINALLY be a new playable demo possibly this week!

Guess Who's Back

I'm back and I'll have extra time to work on the game AND website for the following week :) I'll get to your replies soon guys!

I Forgot to Say

I didn't have access to my laptop this whole spring break week I was free. No progress was done, I admit to retardation.

Lost Silver Page Updated

The Lost Silver part of the forums has been updated to include the pictures along with the story, the youtube video, and download link to the game. There will be two more pages added:

Lost Silver (Hidden) and
Re: Lost Silver

There is also plans to put up the rough outlines of the notes that molded Lost Silver Hidden to what turned out to be (including beta information that wasn't in the original release) as well as the missing parts of the Lost Silver story.

I am both equally excited and too busy to finish this soon!

To the unexpected members that started to join, feel free to look around and post, I'll get to your concerns and comments.

New Pages in Forums

For now, all the content of the site will be available for access in the forums. Not everything is there yet, but once it's there the "recent in forums" part of the homepage will disappear. The things that are missing include the project pages, older versions, screenshots, fanart, and update posts.

I continue to update little by little because of the fact that there actually ARE people visiting this site. I was under the impression that the site was dead. However, there's been 547 pageviews ever since I launched this new version of the site two days ago at midnight! I'm working as fast as I can -- having forums is definitely making the whole process of adding content easier.

School Break

Due to my priorities being geared towards college, you will not likely see any updates on this site until my Thanksgiving break, which will be at the end of November. Thank you for your continued support!

The Development is Real

If anyone tells you that you can't develop in Ubuntu games for Game Maker, tell them they are mistaken. Cursed Black Development is alive and well (and a lot of glitch fixing, but the progress is growing) The main engine showed in the last demo is being merged with all the map data I've been coming up with for the past year. Suddenly, the overworld is becoming a lot bigger. Check out the new pallet town:

Website Updates

I'm trying to fix glitches here and there on the website... as far as I know, only the main page works, with the forum new post/editing not working and I'm not sure why. As soon as it's ready to go I'll give an update!


This is Tohjo Falls, the home of Lost Silver and Cursed Black. I'm in the process of pulling my head out of my asshole, once that is done, I'll be able to correctly update this website.

For now, I'm afraid the content will be down until Thursday, the 10th at the earliest. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fortunately, the nice people at 64Digits host the downloads for Lost Silver and a demo version of Cursed Black. Look up the user "reidd" and you'll find plenty there!

Thank you!

Working on Maps

I managed to lose track of which maps I've uploaded here and which ones I've finished since last update, but just to make up for that I'll upload a screenshot of the actual game making window:

Route 17 is so huuuuuge.


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