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Is the story real?

This a story, above all. You can interpret it anyway you want. I have personally talked to the original author of the story (who still wants to remain anonymous). This is what I have to say about it.

The game in the story is not real. The fact that the author found this hacked game on GameStop or anywhere else while there's no online copy is so unlikely it's almost impossible. There are MANY reasons for this, mainly the fact that a ROM hack like this is impossible because of technical limitations on the game. Another reason is that hacking the original Pokmon Silver Version would be hard task if the goal was to have it exactly play in the story. Anyone that would take the effort to get the original game to work like this hack would most likely tell somebody, i.e. the internet, another group of developers, etc. The fact that the author claims there is only one copy in order for the story to work is nonsensical. Sure, there is the possibility that this might be true, but there's also the matter of the inconsistencies that the author wrote in the story about how the game works, the "different" parts that weren't available, and the author's refusal to show proof that the game exists. The game does not exist.

Will I be able to play Lost Silver or Cursed Black in an emulator/Game Boy/Nintendo DS/Wii/other console?

No. One of the most consistent questions I have to answer is that these games are NOT ROMs. They are computer files, executables, DESIGNED for the computer. There is NO possible to way to "convert" them to ROM files.
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