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Lost Silver: "Hidden"

After months of the original game's release, the author of the original Hacked Silver Cartridge story makes a comeback.

This is (part) of the letter that eventually became Lost Silver Hidden. There ARE some inconsistencies in the game that have never been revealed before.

"I hope you don't mind that I only give you notes on what I've seen rather than a story - it essentially are spoilers to what happens. I don't really have time to write another story at the moment.

Awkwardly enough, there were more secrets in the game than I expected. The sign was only the most obvious one. I'll call anything involving the "NO" for the sign "Room B".

Pre B

Unlike what some people expected, saying "NO" does not bring you to the secret rooms. Instead, you have to say "NO" about five times at that sign (each time it asking you an empty "YES/NO" question again). After that happens, then you will (triggering a transition) end up in a different room that wasn't the graveyard, nor pitch black for the matter.

Room B1

Upon entering this room:
HURRY has" (note the break in the sentence)
Team - Unowns Lv. 10 - TOOBAD - The Unowns have red "eyes" now. The Cyndaquil HURRY is not in your team at this point. Music - Unown Radio music was sped up a bit (via notes)
Profile - No changes
Location - Room starts at the same end as that sign except the room is smaller on that end and the sign was missing. It's still red. World Sprite - Appears normal, but Gold walks backwards (note that the controls are the same - my guess is that the sprites to face north/south were switched and same in regards to west/east).
You have to walk north back up gray path - the screen does not get lighter nor darker (retains same darkness), but Gold himself becomes darker. At the end of the path is a set of stairs on the north wall. Gold is completely black like a shadow when reaching this point. Entering stairs trigger a transition to the next room.

Room B2

Team - Unowns Lv. 15 - RELIVE - Unowns also have red "eyes"
Music - Unown Radio music is even faster than before.
Profile - No changes
World Sprite - Gold continues walking backwards (completely black) but his sprite distorts when moving, as if his lines glitch left and right.
Location - Room is still colored red - it was a maze starting on the northeast end blocked in.
The stairs back up is missing.
The maze looks suspiciously similar to the GSC Viridian forest but flipped sideways and the trees are the walls of that type of room. Exceptions are the paths are only one-square wide, have no dead ends, and the paths are one way.
At the end of the maze is a hole that can be fallen in.

Room B3

Team - Unowns XXXX (Lv. 20 - First four, red eyes), Typhlosion (Female, Paralyzed, Lvl 90, about less than half-health but not red barred, sprite lacks eyes) nicknamed PLEASE!, an EGG (there is no message stating it almost hatched in its profile). Notably, the Typhlosion's team list icon lacks eyes as well and moves slowly due to being damaged. Oddly enough, the Typhlosion is the only one to have a cry, albeit it sounds distorted as if it was a cry as if a Typhlosion was KOed.
Music - Silence
Location - Mt. Silver at where Red was at. Red is still there.
World Sprite - Gold's sprite appears and walks normal with the exception that his eyes were missing.
Profile - His eyes are missing here also, along with all of the Gym Leaders' eyes
Standing facing north next to Red, events behave exactly as defeating Red in regular GSC, where he vanishes afterwards in a black out, except no credits show up and you can continue moving.
Upon about the 5th step south:
PLEASE! has" (same break as before)
The Typhlosion was still in the team, but the sprite changed to be missing the bottom half. She only has about 18 HP left and is red barred. The first two Unowns were changed, now entirely spelling "DEXX"
Upon about the 10th step south:
PLEASE! has p"
The Typhlosion was now no longer on the team. The Unowns now spell out "DENY". They retain just about the same stats as the X versions. You have no choice but to continue moving south through the exit.

Note: You're going to see this "no eyes" thing a lot. Apparently Red and the Unowns are the only ones to have eyes in this room.

Room B4

Team - Unowns DENY (Lv. 20 - First four, red eyes), EGG
Music - Olivine Lighthouse/Mt. Silver theme slowed down (by melody, as if run through a program, but still feasible for a GBC) and with missing intervals
Location - The path down Mt. Silver - It is the same with no wild Pokemon. Oddly enough, the water, both waterfall and surfable ones, does not animate at all. Fun fact: just like the original, you can see without Flash when you reached this waterfall room.
Profile - Same as before.
As soon as this room was entered, before seeing anything, the EGG hatched - it was a male Cyndaquil and he didn't make a cry when hatching. There was no option to rename, but instead it automatically was renamed to blank spaces (I believe this was impossible in the original). He had Leer, Flash, Nightmare, and Thrash. His team list icon seems normal, retaining the eyes. He does not have a cry in this.
Since you do not have Surf, you can only go through the path and exit south.

Room B5

Team - Same as before
Music - More intervals from the slowed down Mt. Silver theme was removed.
Location - In the cavey area of Mt. Silver that Flash is needed to light up. The Cyndaquil can light this area up using Flash with the message saying "A blinding FLASH lights the area!"
After using Flash, it then said " is thrashing about!" (there is nowhere in any of the actual games does it say this if I'm not mistaken)
Right before reaching the south exit, a message comes out saying " has forgotten THRASH" or something like that, as if it was forgotten from a level up rather than a move deleter. Thrash, after that message, no longer is on the Cyndaquil's moves. When this happens, the Cyndaquil had half of his health.
Continue to the south exit.

Room B6

Team - Same as before
Music - Silence
Location - The outside route to Mt. Silver, except everything lacks color (appears gray) and the east is just plain removed, leaving an uncrossable black void. If time is discernible, I would say it is night, but cannot quite confirm it. As usual, the grass contains no wild Pokemon.
You see Silver facing north toward the cave. When you speak to him, he doesn't say anything, but turns around to apparently avoid facing you. He also lacks eyes.
A Pokemon stands next to him (lacking eyes). It is apparently a Feraligatr due to the cry. It says in English: "(...WHERE?)"
After this, you end up in a battle with that Feraligatr, as if it was a wild Pokemon rather than being sent out by Silver.

Battle B1

Team - The Cyndaquil was by itself.
Music - A twisted version of the Johto battle them that I cannot explain as well.
Items - 1x "[][]"
Message: "Wild
has appeared!" (no name on the Lv. 90 male Feraligatr)
Battle sprites - Gold appears normal without lack of eyes (not like you can really see the eyes in the original anyways). The Feraligatr lacks eyes and the red dorso fins for some reason. Cyndaquil appears normal sent out, but he does not yelp a cry when sent out.
Note - Unlike the Celebi battle, all the battle animations were on.
While there are the four usual battle options, initially, every single one of them leads to your items list for some reason. In this battle, a new item was in your pack - the only one available was named "[][]". Selecting and using it puts the Feraligatr to sleep. There is only 1, but it never seems to run out.

Throughout this battle, for some reason, the Feraligatr was already confused and remains confused without it running out. All of the Feraligatr's attacks fail via confusion and he damages himself when it happens. For some reason, this confusion damage never KOs himself, leaving him with presumably 1 HP.

You seem to be forced to enter the Items menu to use "[][]" any time the Feraligatr is awake (he can reawaken like in a normal battle), but when asleep, all the other options work fine. The "Run" option always yields in failing to run away.

Using "Leer" has a different animation - rather than the "laser eyes", there was a small pause, and a barely noticeable single tear animation from the Feraligatr's eye before stating that the Defense has been reduced. Regardless of the amount of times Leer or Flash is used, it always hits, even past the 6 reduction limit.

You have to defeat the Feraligatr using the Cyndaquil's nightmare, as the other two attacks do not do any damage. None of the attacks run out of PP either. Every time Feraligatr takes damage from nightmare, the background turns red during the animation. Also unlike the Celebi battle, this isn't automated.

After knocking out the Feraligatr, his sprite suddenly changed to that of a Totodile before falling, making a cry of a KOed Feraligatr, and then another cry of a KOed Typhlosion. The battle ends there with Cyndaquil getting no experience.

Return to Room B6

Team - Same as before the battle (Unowns returned).
Items - You have none again as before.
After the battle, the Feraligatr remains for a second before vanishing. Despite not possibly taking any damage in the battle, the Cyndaquil now has 1 HP left.

You can then speak to Silver, who finally said "Even..." and then Silver vanishes in a similar fashion to Red on Mt. Silver earlier.

There is no path to go due to the black void in the east and the west already being blocked. You had no choice but to go back through the cave entrance, which for some reason, as soon as you step in, you get the "Fly" animation with a generic team list bird flying you out (like the one on the "Lost Silver" icon). This only occurs after defeating the Feraligatr and making Silver disappear - otherwise, you would just end up inside Mt. Silver again.

You transition into another "room" by "Flying" there.

Room B7

Team - Unowns HELP (Lv. 25 - First four, red eyes), the nameless Cyndaquil
Music - Goldenrod City, slowed down (in actual melody) and only playing the first nine notes over and over (I'm no music expert, so what I call "notes" are those beats, if that makes any sense)
World Sprite - Same missing eyes as before
Location - Goldenrod City, except as gray as the previous route. You land at the south end of Goldenrod City, which conveniently is blocked off by walls, preventing you from leaving the city.
When going through the city, not a single door works - instead, those doors were treated as walls. Instead of generic NPCs, the city is populated with notable NPCs (all of which lack eyes). When spoken to, instead of saying anything, an image of an Unown (with a red eye) shows up as if you're being displayed a Pokemon, and then they vanish in the same fashion as Mt. Silver Red and Silver from earlier.

The following NPCs show up:
Mom? - Near south entrance of Goldenrod - Unown D (Not sure if she's really your mom, but as every other NPCs have recognizable sprites, I'm guessing this would be her)
Elm - Blocking the door to the Pokemon center - Unown W
Oak - Near the Pokemon Department Store - Unown I
Falkner - Near the underground tunnel - Unown H
Bugsy - Near the Game Corner - Unown Y
Whitney - Front of the gym (what a surprise) - Unown A
Morty - Near the front of the Radio Tower - Unown O
Chuck - Near the bicycle store - Unown R
Jasmine - Near the flower shop - Unown O
Pryce - Near the name rater - Unown E
Clair - At the corner of the Radio Tower on the "north" ("Missingno" corner) - Unown U
Lance - Blocking the door at the north exit - Unown K

It does not appear to matter which order they were spoken, but after you've spoken to the last one, there was a transition again, sending you to another spot.

Room B8

Team - Same as before.
Music - Music has been slowed down even more.
Location - Still Goldenrod City, except it is now colored a dark purple (lolwat) and you are at the blocked south end again. Almost all the doors still do not work.

When you walk north, you will encounter the same notable NPCs you've spoken to standing at same column alternating on the sides near the train tracks. They are now colored in white now like the red "Sprout Tower" room with the long pillar. When spoken to, they display the same Unown letters they did before but do not vanish when doing so. They do, however, stand in an order from south to north:
1st - Elm
2nd - Falkner
3rd - Jasmine
4th - Whitney
5th - Chuck
6th - Pryce
7th - Bugs
8th - Morty
9th - Clair
10th - Lance
11th - Oak
12th - Mom

There doesn't appear to be anything else to do here, but when you walk through the door exiting Goldenrod at the north, you end up automatically "Flying" again.

Room B9

Team - Unowns XXXXX (Lv. 5 - First five, red eyes), the nameless Cyndaquil
Music - Silence
Location - In front of that building "exit" at the west of the Tin Tower. The place and surroundings are colored gray.
Upon entering this "room": Red's sprite, now colored white, appears to walk east heading off screen. He does not show up when you reach this spot. The "door" at the building west does not work, acting as a wall. You have no choice but to enter the Tin Tower.

Room B10

Team - Unowns XEXXE (Lv. 5 - First five, red eyes), the nameless Cyndaquil
Music - Silence
Location - On the inside of the first room of the Tin Tower, which apparently is colored in a normal fashion. It appears different than the original, however, with the room appears to be long length-wise, fenced in to two-squares width leaving space for the pillar at the end, which isn't moving.
There are no NPCs, and you cannot seem to exit back south. When taking one step north, a message appears saying "SAVE Y ..." with a noise that sounds like a Typhlosion's cry but distorted in an unfamiliar fashion. At that point, a message said " has forgotten NIGHTMARE!" or something like that, just like before with THRASH. When you check the profile, the Cyndaquil was renamed to HURRY, and he only has the attacks LEER and FLASH left. The Unowns were also changed to "XEAVE" now.

When you continue north, right when you're standing next to the pillar, another message appears saying "GO AWAY..." with a noise that sounds like a Celebi's normal cry. The Unowns now spell out "LEAVE".

When you walk into the pillar, you will fall in as if it was a hole.

Post B Team - Unowns LEAVE (Lv. 5 - Eyes are no longer red), the Cyndaquil is now named HURRY
Music - Silence
World Sprite - Completely normal now, regaining his eyes
Profile - Completely normal now, the gym leader regaining their eyes
Location - Apparently, you're back in the fucking room in the beginning of this game again. This room acts just like the first time you've been here. What a fucking clever troll.

I noticed that when you attempt to repeat the trial, saying "NO" over and over will not trigger it anymore, so the only option you would have is to say "YES" to the sign after going through this ordeal once before.

Do note that throughout this course, the Pokegear still shows you walking in a midst of black regardless of your location.

All this, simply for saying "NO" (albeit multiple times) to a sign for a question that isn't even known what was asked."

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OK...A good picture.Is it "TURN BACK NOW"?
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it's THAT story, yes!

i didn't get to finish updating this... the text at the end is smashed together. i'll fix it as soon as i can.
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